Monobloc extruder shaping Hollow Blocks - MIRPUR

Monobloc extruder + Brick & Hollow Block
automatic loader - JINDAL

Basic line for Perforated Bricks - DCI

Basic line for Bricks & Hollow Blocks - YAS

Brick & Hollow Block Line w Disint. - AMM

Monobloc 065 extruding Bricks and Hollow Blocks - MALL

Hollow Block w Cromiyun and Cutter - COM

Direct Setting of extruded green Bricks & Blocks on kiln cars

Algerian Verdes Hollow Brick Plant - MAALLAH

Spanish Verdes Roof Tiles Plant - CERÁMICA VEREA

Malaysian Verdes Solid Brick Plant - HAP KEE

Verdes Chromyun extruder shaping hollow blocks - BRAZIL

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