In 2009 it was decided to investigate in depth the brick and tile making market during 2 years, to ascertain in which way it could be best served by Verdes, specially during the following 2 decades. It was concluded that local commercial services and manufacturing were essential to obtain a relevant contribution to the industry in the long run.

Therefore a company, with its own premises and personnnel had to be established in India. It should have the capacity to manufacture, install and service the equipment to process the clays and shape bricks, hollow blocks, tiles and any other extruded building material.

Verdes Clay & Minerals started its own commercial operations in early 2012. At the end of the same year manufacturing operations were started.Its present facilities include an office building and an industrial workshop in 5 acres of land in Hosur, Tamil Nadu.

Verdes is today the only European company to manufacture clay brick and block making machines in India. Although all the equipment fabricated are constructed as per the regular designs of Verdés, since 2013 all of the materials and industrial components of the machines have been purchased in India. We are a 100% Indian operation.

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